About Hartron

Custom Software Application Development

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Looking for a software development partner who can build the kind of solution you need?

Hartron makes a reliable offshore technology partner to provide your business with additional value and efficiency in a tough economic and technological environment, by developing customized software applications meeting all your needs.

We bring custom software application development services right for you and exactly when you need it. Let us help you in automating your day-to-day processes to enhance your organization's operational efficiency. Even if you are looking to develop your own software products, we are ready to share our resources, expertise and experience with you.

Hartron assists you throughout the software development process right from conceptualization through designing, development, testing and maintenance.

What Client's Say

We can develop custom applications for various domains including

  • Telecom
  • Billing, Customer Account Management, Employee Attendance/Performance, CRM, etc.

  • Financing/ Accounting:
  • Budgeting, Billing, Cash Management, etc

  • Logistics:
  • Inventory, Shipping, Operations, Compliance, CRM, etc

  • Pharmaceuticals:
  • Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, R&D, Compliance, CRM

  • Manufacturing:
  • Workflow Management, Operations Management, Quality Control, etc

  • Healthcare:
  • Medical Billing, Patients' Accounts Management, Medical Records, Claim Processing, Catalogue Management, etc

We are experts in developing:

  • Web-based Applications

  • Standalone Software Apps

  • Distributed Applications

  • Desktop/Laptop Applications

  • Mobile Applications

Along with software development services, we also offer

  • Application maintenance services

  • Software customization

  • Software migration

Our expertise in handling back office processes will allow you to focus on your core functions and invest your precious men hours in new business development.