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For organizations operating in highly volatile business environment and cut-throat competition, it’s crucial to provide 24/7 customer support services to sustain and grow. However, this is where the most organizations fall short.

The reasons may be anything ranging from the lack of human resources, unavailability of required infrastructure and lack of expertise or experience in handling customer complaints and so on.

But whatsoever the reason is, the absence of customer support services can have a negative impact on your business. You may even lose your customers to your competitors.

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Hartron Can Help

Hartron has been providing end-to-end call centre solutions to companies across the world for around one and a half decade. We provide you with everything that you might need (human resources, infrastructure, processes, systems and expertise) to deal with the challenges you face in providing support services to your customers.

Our services can bring a major difference to your market image in establishing you as a trusted organization. We offer you tailor-made solutions depending upon the level and industry you operate and help you enhance your customers’ experience which ultimately results in

  • Influencing their loyalty

  • Ensuring their retention

  • Increased satisfaction

No matter which industry you operate in whether telecom, retail, technology, banking, insurance, finance, manufacturing, law, healthcare, pharmaceutical, research and development, transport, utilities, consumer goods, automobile, education, travel, shipping or any other, you can be rest assured of excellent customer support when you decide to join hands with us.

Our call centre executives are rigorously trained in order to gain a strong understanding of your industry, business processes and call centre requirements. The tasks are delegated to them depending upon their qualifications, experience and past performance/experience. In addition to this, regular training and evaluation further enhance their skills and calling etiquettes.

We have a proven track record of supporting customer support functions in areas including Customer service

  • Customer service

  • Sales

  • Collections and refunds

  • Complaint resolution

  • Loyalty program management

  • Claims processing

  • Order management

  • Campaign Management

What makes us different from rest of the service providers?

  • Our ready-to-use state-of-the-art facility

  • A large talent pool

  • Automated processes

  • Excellent back office support

  • 24/7 service delivery

  • Transparency in business dealings

  • Low costs

We offer customer care services through various channels

  • Chat: Our live chat support services establish point2point as well as multicast communications from one sender to one or many receivers. The communication takes place over the internet in real time through text based messages.

  • Voice: This is a type of service wherein a customer calls and communicates with a live representative through phone (mobile or fixed line). Our representative are experts in establishing a rapport with the callers and offering a quick resolution to their problems.

  • Email: The communication takes place through email wherein the customer complaints are answered. They are also provided with a complaint reference number and are informed of the developments through emails.

Avail our call center services to gain a competitive advantage by offering your customers 24/7 quality support services.