About Hartron

About Hartron

“Quality and Customer Satisfaction” is our motto and we strive to achieve excellence through our experience. Hartron Communications Ltd ventured into the business process outsourcing after being into manufacturing of telecom equipment. Hartron has a huge infrastructure with sound and technically qualified team of resources. The services that are provided are of excellent quality and economical for our clients. Hartron is one of the leading business process outsourcing company in India. Hartron has been catering variety of businesses across the globe. The business verticals to include are Medical Billing Companies, the medical service providers, Doctors, Hospitals, Laboratories, Telecom Companies, Telecom service providers, Telecom Manufacturers, logistic service providers, Insurance Companies and providers, Law firms and E-commerce business units around the globe. Hartron also caters to the domestic market for their e-commerce and customer care requirements. We are looked at to enhance their business through after sales, technical and back end support and improved customer satisfaction while reducing overall cost of technology and human resources. In the plight of few decades with experience the need for developing the indigenously customised processes and application has given way to develop tailored software’s/applications to benefit our clients and the relevant markets. Hartron’s software development wing focusses on the business requirements and needs of the client and with well qualified and trained software developers are able to meet the client needs. Hartron is the arena to bring in throttle to your business.

We at Hartron commit, deliver, satisfy your requirements with efficiency and operational excellence in our domains of work. We enable your business to enhance and grow with our precision and tailored services.


Hartron emerged from its genesis in the late 19th century and specifically in the year 1988-89 as a manufacturer of the Telecom with a joint venture of DOT (Department of Telecommunications) Government of India for its RAX (Rural Automatic Exchanges) to a Business Process Outsourcing /Knowledge Process Outsourcing Company in the year 2001. The journey has been commendable as to growth and business development. Hartron Communications Limited is now listed in the Mumbai Stock exchange (BSE) and being viewed as one of the leading BPO’s listed in BSE. Infrastructure of Hartron is ramped up to hosting around 2000 employee per shift and more.

The clients/customer hover on us for our cost effective, viable and dominant model of services and the track record proves our ability to handle client/customer needs.

Culture at Hatron

Hartron Communications Limited treats its resources as an integral part of its growth and as a family. The growth of any business is directly related to the foundations of its resources. The employees are valued, nurtured, trusted for their efforts to bring about the excellence in the work space. Emphasis on the client/Customer satisfaction is the prime trend in the culture of Hartron communications Limited. The Quality assurance and follow through by our resources has enabled to reach many of our milestones.

We deliver the best of our services to our client/customer with honesty and integrity thus developing a bonding relationship. We always value the feedbacks from our clients/customers, vendors and resources that enable us to evaluate the services that we offer and improvise as per the needs

Corporate Overview

Hartron extends its services to companies of all capacities and sizes that are looking forward to enhance their customer support services, back end services, technical support and order processing services.

    We have

  • In-depth domain expertise to truly improve your business processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Affiliation orientation to establish a strong alignment that allows us to act as your partner instead of a service provider.

  • Global delivery capability to ensure 24/7 services by tapping the right skills at the right time and at the reduced cost.