Back Office

Neck drowned in the sea of data, mails or orders? Don’t know how to save precious man hours for your core business processes?

Let Hartron make it easy for you!

We cater to specific needs of our clients depending upon the industry and level they operate. No matter how complex your processes are, we make you free of all headaches of data, communication and order management.

At Hartron, we offer a complete suite of back office services, helping you manage data and other non-core tasks.

Our back office services include:

"We have been using Hartron for the last couple of years.They have given us the ability to greatly expand our practice base with a minimum of amount of hiring.They are constantly improving both their Quality Assurance and their communications with our company.They are dedicated professionals who are attentive to requirements of our company. I recommend their services unreservedly."


Hartron has helped us run our business more efficiently.By using their services we have experienced faster turnaround time in our business.Time that we used to have to spend managing human resource issues is now freed up to spend on managing and enhancing our processes.Harton listens to our needs and requests and acts promptly upon them.The quality of their service is excellent.We truly feel like they are part of our team.


The Process of Partnering with Hartron Communications Ltd

Stage 1: Analysis

We begin by getting in one-to-one discussion with a point person from your company to understand your business processes and management structure. We develop an operations manual simultaneously while assessing your needs and devising a customized solution.

Stage 2: Transition Schedule Blueprint

After formulating a customized plan for you, we present you with a detailed transition schedule consisting of timelines, process maps, resource allocation, training programs and associated costs.

Stage 3: Transition

As soon as we receive your approval, we begin doing work on a small scale. While the quality checks and auditing are done simultaneously, we ramp up the operations slowly to the planned/decided volume, ensuring a smooth transition.

Stage 4: Partnership

After your operations team is satisfied with the transition and our services, we continue with the process according to MSA and SOW guidelines and supply you with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Benefits of Availing Our Back Office Services

Our expertise in handling back office processes will allow you to focus on your core functions and invest your precious men hours in new business development.

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With optimum use of resources we are able to create very sustainable and long term business relationships.

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legal process outsourcing (LPO) refers to the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law.

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Back Office

Back-office work plays the major role, requiring skilled and professional resources, efficient technology and bench marked delivery.

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Software Development

Software development is what Hartron professionally does for the last 8 years. We are experts in rapid custom development of web based

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Tech Solutions

Technical support or tech support refers to a range of services by which enterprises provide assistance to users of technology product.

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Medical Billing

We provide all Medical Billing Services as per your requirement right from entering patient information until collection.